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Oil and Gas Flare Stack Inspections

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Cellular Tower Inspections

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Bridge and Dam Inspections

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About SkyViewHD®

If you are considering utilizing drones to perform commercial inspections or looking to become part of the emerging drone industry – SkyViewHD® is the company for you!

SkyViewHD® is not only a recognized market leader providing remarkable high definition aerial drone-based inspections but SkyViewHD® also offers drone training and education classes to individuals and companies working to develop their own drone services company.

SkyViewHD® provides services to a variety of industries requiring unique aerial imagery such as precision agriculture, cell towers, wind turbines, utilities, oil and gas, bridges and dams, precision surveying, golf courses and resorts, wineries, real estate companies and real estate developers. SkyViewHD® collects high impact data and imagery as it operates professional grade drones with cutting edge sensors to capture actionable data. SkyViewHD®’s clients utilize the data and video for analytical as well as promotional purposes.

In addition to SkyViewHD®’s service offerings, SkyViewHD® offers drone training classes which range from training a novice drone pilot to an experienced drone pilot learning how to fly complex and challenging structures such as cell towers, power lines, wind turbines and bridges.

SkyViewHD® was one of the first companies in the US to be granted an FAA exemption for the commercial use of drones and uses only licensed pilots for its projects. SkyViewHD® provides professional, cost effective, and reliable service to our clients.

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Our Services

Precision Ag / Agri-Analytics

SkyViewHD® is the best end-to-end precision agriculture service solution for the grower delivering timely Agri-Analytics™ for evaluation and action!

Wind Turbine Inspections

SkyViewHD®’s drones avoid hazardous situations by virtually eliminating traditional human inspections.

Cellular Tower Inspections

SkyViewHD®’s aerial inspection equipment is able to fly around a tower and provide images needed to accomplish a successful inspection.

Oil & Gas Flare Stack Inspections

The use of SkyViewHD®’s drones equates to precise data delivery, less downtime, increased revenue and improved safety.

Bridge and Dam Inspections

SkyViewHD® enables repeatable, comprehensive bridge and dam inspections without high cost or safety risks.

Power Industry

The ability of SkyViewHD®’s drones to reach any location without the assistance of support vehicles combined with our high quality imagery is the perfect platform for reliable, cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly tower inspections.

Site & General Data Acquisition

SkyViewHD® provides a wide array of digital data acquisition options and is able to provide data collection for almost any application.

Precision Surveying

Aerial surveys and mapping from SkyViewHD®’s drones offer levels of accuracy, precision, detail and scale never before possible and all for a fraction of the cost of aerial surveys from manned aircraft.

Golf and Real Estate

The high quality of SkyViewHD®’s aerial imagery allows us to produce high definition photography/videography which is unique and attention-grabbing.

Meet the Team

Alexander Carson
Chief Executive Officer

Alex Carson is the Chief Executive Officer of SkyViewHD®. He began his career in aviation in 2004 as he worked his way up from a student to a flight instructor working at one of the premier flight schools in the United States. He provided both ground training as well as cockpit instruction while accruing a large number of flight instruction hours.

Alex then flew for a cargo airline company and moved on to become a commercial airline pilot. He has worked for several commercial airlines flying multiple types of jets and turbo props.

In 2012, Alex became a commercial airline instructor and has taught numerous airline pilots how to fly both jets and turbo prop aircraft in a safe and professional manner.

Alex is the Chief Pilot for a large airline and has amassed over 6000 hours in total flight time. His knowledge is an invaluable part of SkyViewHD’s® management team as he understands the strict compliance requirements related to FAA rules and airspace regulations.

Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Science.

Philip A. K. Stiles, Esq.
General Counsel

Phil Stiles is General Counsel to SkyViewHD®. In addition to providing legal advice, Phil brings more than 30 years of business and entrepreneurial experience to SkyViewHD®.

In his role as Corporate Counsel, Phil leverages his past business experience with his legal knowledge to guide the company with the unique challenges of business ownership and FAA regulations.

His previous roles in sales and business development for industry leaders such as American Express, and Cendant fostered a strong knowledge of technical products and drove his interest to provide advice to the SkyViewHD® team.

Phil holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management, with honors, from Rollins College. He then attended law school and earned his law degree and has been admitted, as a member in good standing, to the Florida Bar.

Christy Wilson Delk
Chief Strategy Officer

Christy Wilson Delk is SkyViewHD’s® Chief Strategy Officer having 17 years of sales experience with Xerox and Plantronics as well as 15 years of franchise ownership. Her exceptional business experience provides SkyViewHD® with innovative and unique insights into developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives with our clients and vendors.

In addition to Christy’s extensive business background, she is a writer, national business speaker and Adjunct Business Professor of Entrepreneurship at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

As Chief Strategy Officer, Christy ensures that SkyViewHD® is well positioned for dynamic, sustainable growth by providing high-quality, client-centric service and communication.

Christy attended the University of Florida where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and later went on to receive her MBA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a drone?

A drone is a small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which is a typically a multi-rotor platform operated via a transmitter remote control. They are far more maneuverable and much safer than manned aircraft and are able to get within a few feet of an object.

Is what SkyViewHD® does legal?

Yes, SkyViewHD® is 100% legal as we have been issued an exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration. The exemption number is 11399 and is one of the first 200 such exemptions issued in the United States by the FAA.

Is SkyViewHD® insured?

Yes, SkyViewHD® is insured by an industry leader who specializes in covering companies such as SkyViewHD® for liability and damage. When you decide to utilize our services, we will be happy to provide you with insurance documentation.

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