Does SkyViewHD® use drones?

Yes, SkyViewHD® utilizes small drones to provide its professional services. While drones are commonly associated with military and surveillance use – SkyViewHD® uses smaller drones purely for commercial aerial imaging, photography and videography which is not intrusive to the public.

What exactly is a drone?

A drone is a small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which is a typically a multi-rotor platform operated via a transmitter remote control. They are far more maneuverable and much safer than manned aircraft and are able to get within a few feet of an object.

What sort of equipment can be used on SkyViewHD’s® UAV's?

Our smaller quad-rotor and mid-sized hex-rotor platforms use GoPro camera assemblies, which are perfect for capturing close-up action shots. This provides full HD footage at 1080p and up to 120fps.

Our larger octo-rotor carries a Canon 5D Mark III which is the gold standard in video DSLRs. This is utilized for high-end productions that require professional-quality aerial footage.

Is what SkyViewHD® does legal?

Yes, SkyViewHD® is 100% legal as we have been issued an exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration. The exemption number is 11399 and is one of the first 200 such exemptions issued in the United States by the FAA.

Where can SkyViewHD® fly?

We are able to fly almost anywhere but as with all aerial flight, it comes down to careful and procedurally correct planning. Typically, we require a one-week notice so we may make proper FAA notifications and contact the correct authorities for flight approval.

What does the FAA have to say about commercial drone flight?

The FAA’s stance on commercial drone operations is that only people with an exemption are legal to fly. Please see the link to the FAA’s rules on drone operations. I want to fly a drone for business purposes…do I need approval from the FAA?

What about safety? I would like to book your company for my event but I’m worried about all those rotors around all those people.

Our FAA exemption strictly prohibits us from putting any person in harm’s way. Our pilots are licensed, seasoned and responsible operators with experience on an array of different types of equipment. SkyViewHD® has created safe yet amazing and innovative imagery, flying in in a wide range of locales. SkyViewHD® uses a dedicated pilot in addition to a visual observer to ensure safety to all.

How far can SkyViewHD® fly its equipment?

SkyViewHD® is not restricted as to how far it may fly its drones, but under FAA regulations, SkyViewHD’s® teams are required to maintain visual contact with our drones at all times and conduct flights accordingly.

Is SkyViewHD® insured?

Yes, SkyViewHD® is insured by an industry leader who specializes in covering companies such as SkyViewHD® for liability and damage. When you decide to utilize our services, we will be happy to provide you with insurance documentation.

What sort of non-aerial services does SkyViewHD® provide?

SkyViewHD® has multiple cameras, capable of time lapse and slow-motion, a full lens kit and stabilization equipment to give you high-quality films of events, landscapes, promos, real estate properties and more.

If you want a live HD streaming of an event, we have that too! SkyViewHD® delivers a consistent level of professionalism and quality and suggest combining aerial shots with ground coverage to tell the full story of a place or event.

Where is SkyViewHD® located and what areas does it service?

SkyViewHD® has offices in Orlando, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, Denver, Colorado and Dayton, Ohio, but we are able to provide services almost anywhere in the world.

How do I reserve the services of SkyViewHD®?

Please fill out our contact form and a member of the SkyViewHD® team will contact you shortly!

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