Bridge and Dam Inspections

SkyViewHD® enables repeatable, comprehensive bridge and dam inspections without high cost or safety risks.


  • Cost reduction due to minimal staffing and operating costs. 
  • NO setup costs. 
  • Live inspection avoids revenue loss related to unplanned shutdowns. 
  • Pre-maintenance inspection ensures optimal resource allocation.


  • Inspection of all bridge areas including inside the pylons and from below.
  • Comprehensive documentation of the actual bridge condition.


  • Systematic, consistent and objective reporting. 
  • Defect standards are established in advance of each SkyViewHD® inspection. 
  • Rigorous inspection processes including governance and compliance. 
  • Evidence supporting each classification.


  • Vertical ascent with stable flight characteristics. 
  • Robust GPS positioning for photography and videography. 
  • If necessary, separate user interfaces may be utilized for SkyViewHD®’s drones and cameramen.


  • Regular inspections (major and minor inspections, and over-flights). 
  • Damage investigations such as rust, water damage, and storm damage inspections.
  • High resolution images show even tiny cracks.

Fast & Safe

  • Faster inspection time compared to traditional methods. 
  • Increased safety.