Cellular Tower Inspections

SkyViewHD® allows a telecom provider to keep its mobile network infrastructure healthy at a lower cost without putting lives at risk.

The Need

With over 300,000 cell towers in the United States and a growing demand for mobile data, the number of devices on those towers skyrocketing and so is the inspection risk. 

The Challenge

It can take days to capture the appropriate images of antennas and antenna masts with other inspection methods. Unfortunately, fatalities sometimes occur during cell tower inspections. 


  • SkyViewHD®’s aerial inspection equipment is able to safely fly around a tower and produce imagery that is truly valuable to the tower owner and cell carrier.


  • SkyViewHD®’s services are far safer than utilizing a bucket truck or a manual climb to perform similar inspections.

See It All

  • Using SkyViewHD®’s small, easily maneuverable drones are a quick, safe, and cost effective means to assess the condition of the tower and its communication equipment.
  • SkyViewHD®’s drones are capable of inspecting a cell tower from virtually any angle and elevation.


  • High definition images can be captured by SkyViewHD®’s drones which allows your team to evaluate and efficiently make maintenance and repair decisions.
  • Also, data may easily be compared with prior images to better identify changing equipment conditions over a period of time.