Oil and Gas Flare Stack Inspections

The use of SkyViewHD®’s drones delivers precise data, less downtime, increased revenue and improved safety.

The Need

How do experts inspect structure and equipment that is hundreds of feet in the air, continually burning hydrocarbon waste by-products at high temperatures, and acquire close-up views of all the components while the system remains in constant operation? They utilize SkyViewHD®’s cutting edge technology to perform refinery flare inspections.

The Challenge

In addition to high expense, traditional inspections with workers hanging from ropes is extremely dangerous. It is not only expensive but difficult to take a flare offline to perform an inspection. This may result in risky choices like using a lift, climbing a nearby structure or even climbing the flare while it’s still in operation. Another far more expensive option is using helicopters, but that can have limited results and chemical plants and refineries are typically no-fly zones, so making these visual inspections is only possible from a distance. But distance and weather compromise the effectiveness of an inspection.

The Solution


  • The use of SkyViewHD®’s drones eliminate the need to bring in big cranes to inspect the flare stacks
  • Also eliminates the need for expensive downtime or installation of a temporary flare.


  • Workers do not need to take risks such as using a lift, climbing a nearby structure or even climbing the flare while it’s still in operation.


  • SkyViewHD®’s drone technology captures high-resolution photos and video for further study.
  • The focus of the drone will be to check the mechanical and structural integrity of the flare stack as well as evaluate the flare and flare components for any issues.
  • The imagery can document smoke in the flare for extended periods, or if the edges of the stack are warped – indicating too much heat.


  • SkyViewHD®’s drones are equipped with a high resolution camera which takes incredibly clear and detailed images/video of refineries, petrochemical plants, tank batteries, drilling rigs, completion sites or production facilities.