Precision Ag / Agri-Analytics

SkyViewHD® is the best end-to-end precision agriculture service solution for the grower - timely and actionable data is key!

How much can you save with SkyViewHD®'s Agri-Analytics? Calculate your savings now!

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Cost Efficient

  • NO capital investment.
  • Reduced fertilization/watering costs.
  • Lower cost than traditional aerial imaging.
  • Storm evaluation for insurance claims.
  • ROI is far superior to current solutions.
  • Total solution from one vendor.

Better Crops

  • Increased yield.
  • Healthier crops.
  • Reduced lost crops.
  • Accurate data with no weather interference.

Licensed & Insured

  • Fully FAA complaint.
  • Insured.
  • We manage all flights and pilot teams.

Automation & Integration

  • Fully automated software.
  • Real-time access to actionable data for crop evaluation/management within 24-48 hours.
  • Full data integration into the grower’s machinery computer systems.

SkyViewHD® uses aerial imaging to provide actionable Agri-Analytics™ to growers.

SkyViewHD uses multi-spectral sensors to produce remarkable data which is used to analyze crop health. The use of these Agri-Analytics™ allows a grower to reduce costs and increase crop yields. The grower is able to adjust factors such as Nitrogen application and irrigation schedules to improve yields and control costs.

SkyViewHD®’s team offers an excellent solution to collect aerial imagery to identify problems and supplement crop scouting in agriculture. The aerial data may be used for everything from prescribing fertilizer application to estimating yields to identifying weed patches.

One of the biggest challenges for a grower is to collect actionable data at a reasonable cost. SkyViewHD® addresses this core issue as our drone flights combine the multi-spectral images to reveal striking data a grower can actually use. The data is geo-tagged and may be downloaded into most farm equipment and may be accessed using a mobile device to foot scout troubled areas.

SkyViewHD®’s ability to collect these aerial images may be used to create robust vegetation maps that solidly identify areas of dense and sparse vegetation which are indicators of healthy/stressed crops.

There are no capital expenses such as buying drones, sensors and software as SkyViewHD® comes to your farm and you only pay when we fly so you can keep on growing.

SkyViewHD® provides the best Agri-Analytics™ in the market today!