Precision Surveying

Aerial surveys and mapping from SkyViewHD®’s drones offer levels of accuracy, precision, detail and scale never before possible and all for a fraction of the cost of aerial surveys from manned aircraft.

Ortho Imagery

  • SkyViewHD® uses drones for aerial photography/videography at low altitude.
  • Flying at a low height provides high resolution orthomosaic imagery in which all the details are clearly visible.


  • SkyViewHD® offers solutions for top of the line detailed mapping solutions. 
  • We deliver highly accurate topographic data. 
  • SkyViewHD® has expertise in the field of topography, allowing for topographic precision.
  • SkyViewHD®’s drones are ideal for landfills, open mines, medium or large sized rural works or locations with difficult or dangerous access points.


  • By making use of a geometrically calibrated sensors and adding control points on the ground, SkyViewHD® is able to calculate the corresponding coordinates for each image pixel.
  • The images are further adjusted for elevation terrain and color differences due to changing weather conditions.


  • All the images of a region are counted together into a seamless geo-referenced mosaic.
  • After processing, the images may be used directly in a CAD or GIS system to measure or be mapped.

Long Range

  • Our services in land surveying are performed with specialized drones which are designed to offer extended flight times and observe up to a square mile in about one hour.

Low Altitude

  • SkyViewHD® conducts aerial surveys at altitudes between ground level and 400 feet which fills the niche between ground based surveys and those undertaken by manned aircraft at higher altitudes.