Wind Turbine Inspections

Wind Turbine Inspections performed by SkyViewHD®’s drones avoid hazardous situations by virtually eliminating traditional human inspections.

The Need

The increasing focus on renewable resources has fueled governments worldwide to invest in wind energy. As a result, the number of wind turbines has grown exponentially over the last few years. While the number of turbines has grown so has the need for less expensive and safer inspection methods. A safe and efficient solution to these issues is the employment of SkyViewHD®’s drones to perform these inspections.

The Challenge

Traditional rope-based inspections are costly due to labor costs and lost revenue. They typically encompass 8 hours per tower which equates to revenue loss; produce subjective and inconsistent visual records based on manual interpretation by inspectors and all parties reviewing the data; and are extremely hazardous. Ground based telescopic inspections encompass 3-5 hours which have a huge economic impact and produce inconsistent data. Paper based reports are incomplete and not easily integrated with ERP, EAM, CMMS which limits an organization’s ability to fully and easily understand the total cost of ownership for each turbine.

The Solution


  • Reduce costs – labor, insurance & equipment related to rope inspections.
  • No upfront or hidden costs.
  • Fewer catastrophic blade failures saves millions of dollars.

Fast & Accurate

  • Inspections completed up to 8 times faster than current methods.
  • Resolute objective data delivered for accurate analysis and interpretation.
  • High resolution imagery allows your staff to easily recognize and evaluate damage to the turbine.

Safe & Insured

  • Eliminate safety issues associated with rope inspections.
  • Inspections completed by Licensed Pilots.

Total Solution

  • Efficient equipment inspections utilizing drones.
  • A full service solution with all logistical aspects delivered.

SkyViewHD® is a member of AWEA